[EPUB] Danses norvégiennes opus 35 --- piano

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  • Le Titre Du Ebooks: Danses norvégiennes opus 35 --- piano
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  • Editeur: Henle
  • Langue: FR
  • Pages: 31
  • Date de lancement: 02.01.2018
  • Format de Ebooks: EPUB
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La description "Danses norvégiennes opus 35 --- piano"

The decisive role that Norwegian folk music played for Edvard Grieg can be felt in almost all of his works. For his Norwegian Dances op. 35, presented here in an Urtext edition, Grieg took old folk tunes from a collection published by the musician and researcher Ludvig Mathias Lindeman and arrangedthem for piano four hands in 1880. A few years later, Grieg also made the two-hand version presented here. For this Henle Urtext edition, all the extant autographs in the Grieg Archive in Bergen, Norway were consulted along with the contemporary first editions. The co-editor here is the Norwegian pianist and Grieg specialist Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, who is also responsible for the fingerings.

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